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Some Favorite Montessori Scottish Fold Cat Pictures

Scottish Folds are fun loving, affectionate and loving cats. They like to pretend that they are on safari big game hunting. Our kitchen door has a crack under it and after the lights are out one or more of the cats will always be found waiting patiently for a bug to dare to walk in under the door! They would chase a Frisbee, I'm sure, if they were big enough. Scottish Fold cats are carefree but they will return every bit of love that you give them. They make wonderful companions, not too demanding while loving you completely. They are the only breed of cats that sits in this 'Buddah' position. We call it the 'Fold' position. Here are some of our favorite Scottish Fold Cats.

Montesssori's Landslide at four months. Landslide is a Long Hair Copper Eye White Scottish Fold female born and raised in Ft Lauderdale, Florida

This is the same cat as an adult. Landslide won a BEST KITTEN IN SHOW Award in a cat show in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

This is Champion Montessori's My Father's Moustache. She is a Black & White Fold Ear Long Hair Scottish Fold Female who lives right here at Montessori Cats with us. She is a favorite around here! She 'makes bread' on us (she Kneads us).

Noel Robinette in Concord California is a lucky girl. Her dad got this beautiful cat for her as a College Graduation present!

Montessori's Duncan is a fitting name for this fabulous cat who lives in Jacksonville with the McCranies. Look at those eyes!

T-Bone is a stunning 'Perk Ear' Scottish Fold. He is Magnificent and as sweet as a cat can be! Sassy, his best friend is over his shoulder.

This is our sweet stud Champion Bently of Montessori who is a Sliver Classic Tabby and White Bi-color Scottish Fold Male. He is a "Mommas Boy" who loves to be carried around like a baby.

Taffy Benjamin got this Beautiful cat 'Butterscotch' as a surprise for her mother's 75th Birthday. They tell us all the time how Butterscotch has turned out to be the sweetest Scottish Fold Cat ever! She lives in up state New York and they are inseperable, traveling together by subway to visit friends.

This is 'Hollywood Heidi' who we love dearly, and she now lives with Ed Cohen who is a Movie Producer and a super wonderful guy. Ed provides 'the best' home (in Beverly Hills, Cal) we could ever hope to find for one of our fur babies! They broke the 'mold' for this special guy, and Ed has become a very dear friend!

This is 'Einstein'. His unruly hair including the tufts in his ears had us thinking of
the man named Einstein with the same characteristics.

This baby is named Tail Pipe for obvious reasons.

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This Gorgeous Male called 'MacGregor' has stolen the hearts of Tom and Kim Lewellen. He is so special that the Lewellens have decided to get another Montessori Scottish Fold Cat this summer! They provide a wonderful home for MacGregor and (knowing he is a favorite of ours) share MacGregor photos and stories with us often.

Some Beautiful Longhaired Scottish Fold Kittens

The Black & White Bi-color is Earl and his brother, the Red & White Bi-color, is Duke and they all live in Delaware.

This guy is what a Scottish Fold Is supposed to look like. "Tigger 2" lives with Robert & Dr. Jo Sipes and we wish we had kept him. You can see why!

This is Princess Di with Great Big Gorgeous Scottish Fold Eyes!

Little Red

Baby Sonny

Sonny Grown Up

This Totally Black Scottish Fold called 'Raven' is Breathtaking!

This Adorable little Cameo Baby Boy now lives in Hallandale. It's hard to believe but he is just as nice inside as he is pretty!

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