STIRLING Brings Wonderful New FOREVER FRIENDS Into Our Lives

An eMail arrived one day from a young lady named Chelsea who had a 'hole in her heart' from losing her childhood cat friend named 'Beebers'. Little did we know at the time that she has many animal friends and a very loving mother named 'Nancy'. We had several wonderful conversations on the telephone with Chelsea where we learned how talented she is. Chelsea is an expert regarding birds, cats, rabbits and she works with dogs as a trainer. She even helps people with hard to handle dogs like the 'Dog Whisperer' does. Chelsea Has a bird named Webster "Webby" the senegal parrot chatterbox who tells her when the cat's food bowl is empty or if the cats need water. Webby has also been trained (by Chelsea) to tell everyone 'Nancy is Home' each time Nancy arrives home from work! Chelsea has a standard poodle named Remington 'Remi' who she taught to be a working dog. She is also a 'graphics artist'. Chelsea had been looking at our web site for awhile and she told us that she loved it so much that she decided she wouldn't get a cat anywhere else. Chelsea offered to help with the web site by making a picture with cats and anything else we wanted in it and we, of course accepted. She has been making pictures for us that you can see on our web site ever since then. Her imagination and skills make us proud and fortunate that she makes these picture creations for us to display. She is an accomplished 'pastry chef' too and likes to make wedding cakes for her friends! Chelsea is a motivated lady who enjoys life and doing many things well!

Well, Chelsea was looking for a kitten and we had this little baby silver tabby boy that seemed to fit what she was looking for. We didn't know but Chelsea was in love with anything silver so she just couldn't resist this little guy. He was so young at this point that we didn't even know if he would have folded ears or not. Chelsea wanted him anyway! His ears did fold and he is now a perfectly happy beautiful boy living the 'life of Riley' in California with Chelsea, her mom Nancy and many birds, a dog and three cats that he calls his friends.
Chelsea wrote this :

"Dear David and Caprice,

When I first laid eyes on him, I knew he was the one. He is everything Caprice described to be and much more. Stirling is the new "little man" in our lives and though this may sound like the beginning of a love story, well it is..... Stirling arrived safely at the airport and cuddled in his new blanket on my lap all the way home."
Chelsea wrote this on her way home from the airport after she had just picked him up. "Stirling is so beautiful and sweet and completely relaxed as of 11:00pm on my lap ! He is already leaning into my hands for head scratches, making biscuts on me and purring. He has now come out of his blankie to take a peek out the window, at my mom, and to sniff my face. He's asleep again all sprawled out on my lap and by his tiny foot movements...I can tell he's having a really good dream! Thank you so much for this precious kitten - we'll be home in less than an hour and I will call you then!"
Chelsea continued; "He has brought so much laughter and happiness back into this house. He settled in right away despite three other cats, a standard poodle and three parrots. He has already been featured in my monthly art on the Montessori Folds Page, and will grace it many more times I am sure. Stirling is such an old soul and when he comes down from his favorite spot on the cat's 7 foot tower and climbs in my arms and stares right into my eyes with those huge big green eyes and then he melts my heart. He loves to follow my mom into the kitchen and sit and watch her when she cooks or climb into any vacant lap during a movie. He especially enjoys hunting games and "attacking" lumps in the bed; he never scratches furniture or jumps up on anything he isn't supposed to. Stirling and all of the Montessori Cats are very special, its easy to tell by the way they were raised with around the clock love, compassion and attention. He has fixed a place in each of the other cats hearts as well.

We All

Satine is all White and has Odd Eyes, one Blue and one Green. She is like his mother cat - she cleans him and gently taps him and teaches him the rules.
Beasley, "Beezers" the Youngest who is Brown Mackerel Tabby & White, is like the big brother - they play and get into trouble together!      
Savannah (Savannah Vanna), who looks like a Siamese mix, is like a big sister that he likes to nap with.

We have introduced Stirling to our small parrots and though he is fasinated and curious, he has never been aggressive. Our family would not be complete without Stirling. We are so glad we found you and will definitely be getting another Montessori fold. There are no other cats like them! We can tell through him that this is your passion in life and we thank you so much for it."



We now count Chelsea and Nancy, her Nurse Mother, as very dear friends who started out as clients. We really look forward to Chelsea stories of her pets and her insight into animals that very few people have. She is a wonderful 'old soul' who understands life and the importance of friendship and bonding; of empathy and giving and she sees life through eyes that are not tainted by today's hustle and bustle. So you see - Chelsea, named after a Joni Mitchell song "Chelsea Morning" just like President Clinton's daughter Chelsea, is in our hearts and will remain there forever. <

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