Lolly Pop the Cat and Burt the good guy!

Lolly Pop as a little girl.

Lolly Pop got herself a great home! Burt and Pam contacted us about getting a cat like 'Big Red' from seeing him on our web site. Turned out that Burt and Pam liked 'Big Red' and her mom Betty, who lives with them, wanted a red tabby cat. All wanted a companion for their now lonely four year old cat T.J. who had just lost his brother Max, pictured on the right, from a tragic disease. All had holes in their hearts that only a loving new cat could repair. The timing was right as Betty was having a birthday in a few days and she really liked cats having had several through the years. Burt and Pam came to visit and she fell in love with a little red girl who we call Lolly Pop.

Getting to Know Each Other

Burt wanted to make sure that this kitten was the right one for Betty too so he brought her along when it was time to take Lolly Pop home. Mom said 'yes' and away she went to her new home. Our little kitten had just won the heart of a woman who has seen the world. It was really fun meeting Betty as we showed her our yard and she knew the plants as well as we do. She is truely a plant lover.

Mind if I Smell Your Nose?

Lolly Pop Is happy and so are we! She is just what we wanted says Pam! We found her on the bed this morning. She has LOTS of energy. Twenty pound T.J. has his handsfull! He has really gotten his bearings with her here and he is doing well too. The two cats race around the house now.

When resting, T.J. can be found on top of the scratching post and she is inside where his big body won't fit.

Lolly Pop is now renamed 'Misty' and she is very happy in her new home. The last thing Burt said to us is "We Just LOVE Her"! Misty and T.J. told us that they are working on Burt to come back and get them another new friend.

Burt told us that Lolly Pop loves to prance back and forth in front of the mirror admiring herself. Here, she is doing her very best to capture the ball waving and bouncing just out of her reach. (Our compliments to the photographer for this great action shot.)

Had to share this one with you! We are big on theme pictures. Misty has her own very extensive portfolio as she considers herself to be the photogenic one in the familyÖ.We just love herÖtake careÖ
Burt Shaw <<...>>

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