A very nice lady named Casimira contacted us three years ago looking for a Scottish Fold Kitten or two. She did get two kittens and she recently sent the following note. We really enjoyed it!

"Dear Caprice and David,

My babies are all grown up now that they are 3 years old. Bandit (so named because he looked like a little raccoon) is just as loving as he can be.

I know when I show pictures of him he looks very fierce but the kids carry him around like a sack of potatoes. He will get up onto the chair where little Miss Priss is sleeping soundly and start to groom her. Now you would think ĎHow cuteí. How wrong you would be. The next step is he starts biting her until sheís had enough and jumps down and runs away. All in his plan. He now has the chair to himself.
His other trick is being my alarm clock. I hit the snooze on the clock but Bandit is right there with his nose pressed to mine. If I donít respond, he just walks all over me, then sits on my head. If the alarm clock is not set, as on week-ends, he seems to know when itís 8:30 AM and starts to bug me until I get up.

Miss Prissís official name is Miss Priscilla. What comes to mind with that name, She is definitely prissy.

Both of my kitties are tiny weighing in at just above 5 pounds. Everyone is really surprised by Bandit because he looks like Mr. Tubby with all that long hair but he is just as small as Miss Priss. Iíve tried to get photos of the 2 but only seem to be able to catch 1 at a time.

Itís just me and my babies and I donít know what Iíd do without them. Iím attaching a few photos. Hope you enjoy seeing 2 of your graduates.
Thanks so much

Kit Kita, Miss Priss and The Bandit"