Piper the Surfing Cat

I'm PIPER and I to SURF!

Piper is developing into quite the handsome young cat, his beautiful eyes are getting wider, love those wide squat paws and THAT TAIL!! Long, flexible and sooooo fluffy. He is a beauty and King of the House.

Piper Playing Ping Pong

Piper has a unique trait, and that is his fascination with our swimming pool and surfing. We have a screened in lanai and he has a blast when we let him roam the patio chasing down geckos and frogs. He puts his paws in the water, and LOVES getting on the surfboard and cruising around the pool with one of us. He has not been totally submerged yet, but he makes us wonder if we will have a swimming cat on our hands this summer. He is a very sports-oriented cat!! Don't ever worry, one of us is always out there with him.

At long last, here are some shots of Piper, the surfing Scottish Fold in Hollywood, FL!

Amazing Piper and his Day Surfing at the Pool

Piper says to his Mom Debbie 'Let's get this show on the road. I'm ready to surf'!

There - I'm on the board. What a brave cat I am!

Here we go out to find the BIG WAVES.

All right, here comes a wave. Watch me go.

I FEEL GREAT with the wind in my hair and the smell of the sea in my lungs! This is a wonderful life and I have the BEST FAMILY in the WHOLE WORLD!

Piper loves FEET and is always nibbling on our shoes and toes. One thing we do not allow him to do is jump on the kitchen counter (food prep and where we eat) and you should see this guy sitting on his own stool, next to us as we eat our meals, with his little chin propped up on the counter. Just wants to be with us all the time (and hopes for any leftover chicken). He is just too cute for words. And he uses his scratching posts all the time, what a good kitty. He is the most mild-mannered, sweetest tempered, lovable one in our family!

Piper was boarded and neutered at our vets while we were on vacation for a week. The vet and his staff all commented what a wonderful sweet disposition he has. Also, we had company the other night and our friend who knows cats well - she has 4 right now - said she has never seen such a beautiful and loving cat and never felt fur so soft!!!

We LOVE LOVE LOVE him. He is with one of us every minute of his day.

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