Chatty aka Me Too

Hi David and Caprice;

Sorry for the delay getting these pictures to you. The school has had me swamped with a big drama production.

I'm so happy to report that Me Too is doing just wonderful with my mother (Lu).

The first 2 days were an adjustment for Me Too as I know she dearly missed you and her family. She hid a little but always came out for food and to use the litter.

Karley spent the first night with mom and Me Too and that was a help as Karley is so close with her own cat.

The last few days have been great. Me Too is now venturing all around the condo. Checking out her cat sratching post and generally becoming more comfortable with everything. Mom adores her!

You 2 have made the whole experience such a pleasure. I promish to send a picture of the whole family when I can get the teenagers and the rest of us all in one place.

Best to you both

Ben & Chel Myers

P. S. Lura later told us how Me Too was very cautious when she first went to live with her. Lura knew that Me Too had decided that she now loved her and was happy in her new home when she found Me Too sleeping with her in the bed all night. She said that Me Too acted like a light bulb had just gone off in her head and that all was fine now! We had called her Chatty and Lura told us that Me Too is now talking up a storm. Me Too and her new Mom are very very happy together. Me Too is just what she wanted! Thank you both so much.

Here is a picture of the 3 generations and a precious Me Too who's feet hardly ever touch the floor.

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