GILES - The Tae Kwon Do Cat

Rhonda, a sweet and talented young lady, owns 'Martial Arts America', her business and pleasure in Texas, and she had been looking for a Scottish Fold for a year. These are emails from Rhonda to us.

WOW! I'm in love! If the silver male folds he has a new home in Texas! He's purrfect! Now comes the hard part, trying to find him a name. I have a few but I'll have to meet him first to make sure they fit!

Hi guys! Well I finally made it home to Houston! The Tae Kwon Do tournament went great. We took the gold medals in both sparring and patterns! We really had an awesome women's team this year! (Rhonda is on the U.S. Tae Kwon Do Team.)

I'm really excited about having a little fold and I will be there with bells on tomorrow to meet him!

Hey guys! Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how Giles is doing.. I had fixed him a room in the downstairs bathroom and have had him sleeping in there at night and then letting him out during the day. Well on the second day he was exploring the entire house, I couldn't believe he could already run up the stairs so quick! He seemed to be doing fine. Sarah either avoided him or hissed at him if he got too close. He just kept playing and running to where finally she couldn't stand it anymore and she started chasing after him and playing too! I think they'll be friends soon. Last night I decided to let him stay out. I figured he would sleep under the bed but as soon as I got in bed he jumped up and nuzzled right in my neck under my hair and slept there all night!!

I hope you guys are doing well! Giles is everything I had hoped for and more! I'll send some pictures soon!! Bye!


Dear David and Caprice,

Hi guys! Giles is an absolute TERROR!! In an adorable way of course. I just got rid of all of my living room furniture and the new stuff hasn't arrived yet so I have this wide open space that is now serving as a racetrack!! I've got some great pictures of him and of me and him that I'll get out to you Monday. By the way I did get the papers you sent for him. Thank you. Anyway I hope you have a terrific holiday and hope to hear from you soon!


I just wanted to let you know he's been everything I've wanted!! He's sweet, cuddley, and hilarious. I have this round wicker basket in the bathroom downstairs that he hides in to scare people. Too funny. Thanks again.

Giles getting ready for another tournament with Mom! Every time I get the suitcase out to pack for another tournament - Giles jumps in the suitcase as if to say "please take me with you mom".

P.S... The page looks great. I have already forgotten just how cute he was when he was so new. I still think he looked like a little possum. It was his fur..but now it is SOO silky soft. Hope you are both well in FLorida!!! Be well!!


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