We were contacted by a lady named Leslie who was looking for a special Scottish Fold for her beautiful 12 year old daughter. The family had lost two cats in the previous two years, one 18 years old and the other 19 years. A big hole in the heart needed to be filled. Leslie said "It will be a surprise to our daughter. I told her the kitten had sold (but not that we had bought her!), and she said that was the one she had really wanted. She will be thrilled to find out who bought her! Oh, we are so excited! I've packed my husband off to stock up on all her favorites"!

Arrangements were made to transport the little kitten, Stormy, by air and off she went to Texas and a brand new life.

What a sweetheart! Stormy is everything we hoped for and more and so pretty in person! She's quite the snugglebunny, but I think she is pretty overwhelmed by the trip and all the new sights, smells, sounds, etc. and I'm sure she misses her mom and siblings and you two. She hasn't eaten yet, but not for lack of her favorites! She will 'mold' to us when we hold her, but she is clearly more comfortable behind the laundry basket at this point. We're all are just so in love with her! We are letting her set the pace, and explore at her own clip...although it is tough not to want to reach in there and cuddle her! She is just as precious as she can possibly be!!!
Jordan was so surprised. She is thrilled, and has already phoned her friends to tell them all about Stormy.
We thank you both! We will keep you posted on her progress and growth. And we will send more shots as we take good ones.
Good night and thank you again!

What a love bug! She has really come out of her shell, and is prissing around like she owns the place! She is still a bit shy, and tentative when exploring the house. She is spirited and eager to play, but she has not eaten yet. I think she must be getting pretty hungry, and will eat soon. But she does not seem to be suffering in the least. In fact, she is a hoot! She will charge us like she's being very aggressive, then wuss out at the last minute, tuck tail and run under something. It's hysterical to watch.

We love her!!!

Hi David and Caprice:
Stormy is doing just dandy! She eats like a little piglet. She gets her favorite Whiskas Tuna and Chicken as well as the Iams dry every meal! She is very spirited! She sleeps with us -right up near the pillows. She is still rather elusive during the day. She is very much out and about (she has explored and claimed the whole house as her territory). We still must coax her over to us with the yarn-and-hairclip toy Jordan made. When we pick her up and put her on the bed with us, she will sit for hours with us. Trying to pick her up can be a challenge. She hunches her back and looks sideways at us, as if threatening us (I call it her "halloween cat look"), but she's not really threatening at all. She's just funny!!
We do love her dearly, and are enjoying her so very much!
Our best to you both!

Stormy, Gene & Jordan

Here is a picture of the munchkin sleeping while she is in an upright position in her favorite living room chair. It's hysterical to see, but she looks so comfortable. She especially likes to be under chairs where she can prop up on her elbows and rest upright.

We took her to the ranch this past weekend, and she was right at home. She rode most of the way there outside her carrier and perched on the dash looking out the front window at all the scenery as it whizzed by. She's a great little traveler!

Good morning, David and Caprice, and Merry Christmas to you both!

We enjoyed your Christmas email and the wrapping very true to life they are! As you can see from the attached shots, Stormy (whom we have nicknamed Lady Plushbottom) is in the thick of things this morning. She was totally enthralled with the whole mess. We gave her one of those little balls with an attached "weasel" that rolls around the floor. She chases it when it is going away from her, and runs from it when it heads her direction! She may be a wuss under all that bravado. But we love her anyway! She's the best cat! We introduce her to everyone as the newest member of our family. I think at times even Jordan is a little jealous that we baby Stormy so much, but then, she's the worst offender. She'll dote on that cat incessantly. She even took an old pair of her blue jeans, cut them off at the knee, stuffed both legs and the trunk, then sewed the legs and waist together to make a sleeping pillow for Stormy, which she curls up on and uses regularly.

We hope ya'll are having a wonderful Christmas! If you ever get out this way, come see your baby! We'd love to meet ya'll, and I'm sure Stormy would enjoy seeing you again.


Leslie Bishop

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