Snowflake - The Russian Cat

The phone rang one day and a young lady was on the other end. She had called us about getting a Scottish Fold Kitten from my wife and me. Her name is Natalya Medvedskaya and she knew she wanted a light colored female kitten with partially folded ears. She is a very sweet lady and we talked for awhile. She told us she is from Russia and that she really loves cats. We had fun talking with Natalya and we knew that she really would provide a kitten with a great home. We also knew from the many Russians who had gotten kittens from us that people from Russia enjoy having a cat in their lives; a cat is a family member. They are good people and love cats very much!

We sent Natalya some pictures and the next day she narrowed her choices down to two kittens. We talked some more about details and stories of the two little girls and Natalya said "let me think about it" and she would let us know in a couple of days. That night, Natalya called all excited with her decision. She picked this darling little Cream & White Kitten. She wanted the kitten on her upcoming day off so we hurried, got all of the details taken care of and we shipped the little girl kitten to Natalya in Brooklyn, New York.

The kitten (as yet unnamed) arrived and Natalya called us to let us know that our baby was safely there and all right. Natalya said that she thought the kitten was perfect and just what she wanted.

We have heard from Natalya and Nick several times since their new kitten, now 'Snowflake' arrived. They both were very worried art first because Snowflake was not eating or eliminating but she was fine - just scared. Snowflake would let them hold her and she purred but when put down, she scurried under the bed to hide from the boogie man. Two or three days went by and Snowflake came out of hiding and into Natalie and Nick's lives.

Here is what Natalya has written.

just want to let you know she is doing great, she is very playful, runs around like a maniac.
i will talk to you soon and thank you again.

Some Pictures Natalya and Nick have sent.

You can see how happy everyone is. Snowflake, Caprice and David are all gratefull that Natalya found them.

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