Anita & Arthur's Gemma!

This is the story of one happy cat named Gemma!

Anita had wanted a cat for quite some time. Her husband Art was Not a cat person and thought that a big beautiful house with everything she wanted would be enough for Anita... Not So! They got their wonderful dream house in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, but it was lacking something to really become their home. That something was a kitten for Anita.

Anita had fallen love with the Scottish Fold Breed during her search for the purrfect cat. She was searching for a Scottish Fold Kitten when she found us and our Montessori Scottish Fold Cats and we all hit it off immediately! We had a common bond in that the 3 of us were old hippies who had lived in San Francisco. Anita settled on us for her kitten so now we had to present the purrfect kitten and it turns out that we had one who really interested her. We called the kitten 'Georgie Girl' and she is a Silver & Red Classic Patched Tabby Long Hair Female.

We discussed the kitten with Anita and sent pictures and then - Anita had to have the adorable little Girl. Arrangements were made and soon she was on an airplane and on her way! Arthur just wanted Anita to be happy and she told us that he was really not a cat person. How things were going to change in their house.

Gemma arrived and was immediately housed in Anita's bathroom.

Now this may sound like a hardship but Anita has a very large bathroom. Somewhere in this time frame, Georgie Girl became 'Gemma'. Anita was doing everything as we had suggested and it was all working well. Gemma had plenty of room and yet she did not have full run of the house. Anita spent lots of time with Gemma after she arrived and they bonded closely.

Four days after arriving and living in the bathroom, Gemma was allowed into Anita's bedroom where she found her new found freedom to her liking. She slept with Anita from the first day out. The bedroom contained wonderful toys and even a Brass Bed! Gemma is treated like a Queen as she expects to be treated.

Gemma is now living a double life that was unknown to Anita until she awoke early one day. It seems that Anita likes to stay up later that her husband Art and he in turn, gets up earlier in the morning than she does. Gemma takes full advantage of their different time schedules. Gemma has learned that if she appears in the kitchen early where Art is having breakfast, she can coax him into feeding her too! She has coffee & toast and some fun and love time with Art. Gemma then goes back to Anita's bedroom until she arises for the day. When Anita gets up, Gemma gets fed another breakfast and has really learned to work the system.

One morning Gemma wouldn't eat and Arthur rushed her to the veterinarian. Lots of tests were run and fortunately, she had nothing wrong - she mostly just didn't like the food! Both Anita and Arthur realized at that point how much they both had fallen in love with this little Gemma cat! Art is now a cat person!

Anita wrote this note to us.

"Well, here are some late night photo's of Gemma. You see, late at night Art's usually sleeping in his "hang out" room, and I'm in the living (great) room with Gemma. She's either tinkering with her toys (her latest thing is this little furry,fluffy ball, like a cotton ball, toy that she loves to paw it around all over our main floor which is all hard wood.

She looks like she's playing hockey with her ball. We call it floor hockey. She's just so cute & funny! She's playing now allllllll the time and she's such a happy loving little kitty! She's our "only child" who's so totally spoiled rotten! And, she know's it! :~) Oh! also she carry's it in her mouth all around, and she also "mews" & "meows" to it! It's sooo funny! Although, the 1st time we heard her cry we thought something was wrong with her!!! Then, she started doing it again whenever she had that little ball. It looks kinda like a tie dye hippy ball. She just loves it!!!! Maybe it's her little baby!!!?) She loves to cuddle up with me near my shoulder & right over my heart & on top of my boob! Who could ask for more!!! Here are some pictures of her sleeping in the most funniest pictures that I took in the last week. As you can see she's totally trusting of us, I have never known a cat to be so sweet!!!! She loves to dangle her head backward & just look upward into my eyes! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwh I Love Love Love Her So Much!

Here's one of Gemma in her new 'Cat House'.
Well, I hope you don't get sick of my writing Gemma stories or seeing pictures of our little girl. We are so happy we met you guys and thank you so much for her every day.
Love From, Anita & Art & Gemma XOXOXOXO"

This is Gemma's scratching Post. She loves it and has tried all of the shelves and holes to make sure everything is correctly assembled. She gave her approval once everything checked out to her satisfaction.
Anita, Art & Gemma sent a Christmas E-mail and the following is a direct quote.

We are all (3) of us doing great. Today being Christmas, we enjoyed our day. Gemma especially was thrilled! She got a new interactive toy for her to play with by herself when we're away or just whenever, and we can't forget her own Christmas stocking! This is her very 1st Christmas! Yay! We don't have anymore snow left from last week when we had a little winter storm. We had about 5 inches. But it's all gone now.

Well, we just wanted to let you know how much we value your friendship and being in our life, and thank you both sooo much for giving us such a lovely, dear, wonderful, smart & the cutest little kitten ever possible!

I was always hoping for a cat with all of Gemma's traits and personality,& most importantly her being such a loving cat, too! Art asked me today if I ever thought she'd turn out to be the way she is when we first got her...& he loves her so very much too!!! We're always talking about her and we are always giving her all the attention in the house & watching her & pampering her & being ever so proud of her! It's just unbelievable!!! And, we're constantly talking to her just like she's our little girl. Awwwwwwwh! And, I told Art that I knew she was going to be a good little kitty, but that I only dreamt that she'd turn out the way that she did!

We're both soooooooooooooooooo happy! And, very very fortunate to have our little Gemma.