Dear David & Caprice,

Oh, he is just adorable! Simply, simply adorable. We want him!

Thank you so, so much.

Dear Willy,

We can't wait for your arrival. Just please be ready for lots of loving all the will be endless. Your two brothers, "Frankie and Joey", were so excited to hear that they are going to have a new baby brother to watch over and play with all the time.

A note from Frankie:

Willy, I am so thrilled that you are going to join our family in California. The lifestyle is wonderful, carefree and just plain laid back. There is always a nice cool ocean breeze flowing through the home. Our parents love us so much and we are really spoiled and loved so much. Purrs and meows, Frankie.

Willy, this is so cool! Welcome to our family. We all talked about it last night and all I could do was purr and meow with delight. My brother, Frankie, is really sweet and so am I. Our parents are so good to us and we are the center of attention. I can promise you that, Willy. See you in a few weeks. Purrs and meows, Joey.

A note from your new family:

Dear Willy,

We are ecstatic over the news that you will be our new family member and we are just waiting anxiously for your arrival. We know you have to grow up a little more before you can make the plane trip to California. We'll work out all the details with David and Caprice. Our entire family can't wait to welcome you into our loving home. We will be together soon. With love from the Mitchell family

Dear Willy,


You are so handsome and adorable. We just can't wait for your arrival. Please be prepared for an eternity of loves and kisses. I should be on the cover of a about "Cat Fancy"?

Frankie and Joey just can't wait for your arrival. You all are going to have fun every day just playing, laughing and total fun day in and day out.

Dear David and Caprice,

Willy is doing great! Thank you so much. Willy is just beautiful and so fun. He slept the entire way home from the airport. It was a long trip for him and as soon as we arrived home, Willy settled right in. Willy loves to play with his new step-brothers and they also love to play with him. We smother Willy will love and attention all the time. Our entire weekend was, of course, centered around Willy. We just stayed home and Willy wanted to be with us all the time...he is just adorable. Willy has a great appetite and is drinking plenty of water -- he hasn't "skipped a beat"...isn't that great? I thought Willy wouldn't have much of an appetite or that he would be a little nervous but, quite the contrary, he just jumped right in and is all settled.

Thanks again for everything.

With warmest regards,

Molly and family

Dear David and Caprice,

Wow! I am so happy. My new family is fabulous and my new step-brothers, Frankie and Joey, are really cool. They play with me and I even take my naps with them. I curl up next to my new brothers and we all sleep together. At night, I even sleep on the bed with my new Mom and Dad and brothers. Everybody keeps telling me how much they love me and all they ever do is give me lots of hugs and loves...well, I'm not complaining, I really like that. The accomodations are great and the house is really big so I can run around and play all day with my new family. The flight went quite well, although, I was a little tired after such a long journey. This California life style is really cool. I hope you all are doing well. Thanks for finding me such a nice home -- I am really, really happy.

Take care -- and thanks for finding me such a lovely family...well, I better go, my new brothers want to play.



Dear David and Caprice,

Willy is absolutely fantastic. We all love him so much and he has brought even more joy into our lives. I hope you all are doing well. Willy is sweet, playful and was completely accepted by his big brothers right away. Willy's purr is so's like a locomotive engine -- his entire body literally rattles when he is wonderful and such a joy.

We are a musical family (electric guitar, electric bass and drums) and I dance. The three cats love the music and sit in the room when we are moving and grooving to the music.

My family would like to thank David and Caprice Townsend for beautiful Willy and their professional and considerate manner in which they handled the entire transaction. We will be forever grateful!

Foldies Rule!

love and purrs...

Molly and Mike Mitchell

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