Some Nice Scottish Fold Kittens

We're deciding which kitten we want most.

I really like both this one and her brother too!

I'm absolutely adorable so what's to choose?

Who could possibly be prettier than me?

This beautiful little girl lives with Michelle Yost and her daughter in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. Her name is Zoey and she is very loved. Zoey is a Shaded Silver Long Hair Scottish Fold.

This little Blue/Cream Scottish Fold Girl has pink lips therefore we named her

'Hot Lips'.

Hot Lips lives in Salem, Wisconsin with a really nice hippy lady named Carol. Carol's daughters Rya, the career girl, and Brianna, a hippy like mom, have kept her name.

This gorgeous Blue & White Plush Coat Boy now lives in Philadelphia with Anna and Michael. He was named after a dear nephew nicknamed J.J.

This little guy,
Peter Pan, really looks like his mother,
Tweed, and his ears are folded. He seems to be very concerned about his present situation.

We call this guy 'Happy'. Happy is a Beautiful Blue & White Bi-Color Long Hair Scottish Fold Male Kitten with Folded ears. Look at those eyes!



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