More Scottish Fold Kittens

Longhair Fold Kittens including Montessori's Windy on bottom

More Gorgeous Montessori Scottish Fold Kittens with BIG Round eyes and BIG Round Heads.

Montessori's Silver Locket and her brother Grand Champion Montessori's Bently Hyde who was the best Scottish Fold in the International Cat Association in 1998. Bently Hyde is owned by Megan St.Clair.

Three precious six week old Scottish Fold Kittens. The left one is a Silver Tabby and White Bi-color. The middle kitten is a Patched Tabby and White Female and the kitten on the right is another Silver Tabby and White Bi-color.

Straight Eared Scottish Folds make Wonderful Pets and Archie, pictured here, is cherished by his family James and Michelle Broadfoot in Palm Beach.

Archie told his Mom and Dad that he wanted a new little brother to play with. They agreed (they wanted one too) and here he is, a beautiful Cream Plush Coat.