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HAPPY 2010!

Kittens We Are Offering Now

This is 'Jingle Bells' who is very silver like his namesake. Look at his great big gorgeous eyes! Jingle Bells is almost without stripes but the ones he has are mackerel tabby stripes and he is stunning! He has folded ears too! He is going to be a small cat even when full grown. Jingle Bells is a sweet little guy who is very gentle and doesn't ever want to be bad. He uses the litter every time and he even likes dry kitten food (as well as canned cat food). He's about ready to go home to his new home too! Jingle Bells is looking forward to being in your home for the Holidays!

This is 'Smokey Robinson'! He may not be able to sing but he, like the original Smokey Robinson, is 'tops' with us! Our little "Smokey' is a black smoke tabby boy with very folded ears! Smokey is totally sweet and he rolls over on his back so you can rub his tummy. He is round all over. Look at his big head and big eyes. He is really a show stopper just like his name sake! Smokey Robinson is very small and he'll be ready in December so send your deposit and he's yours!


This is 'Fiesta'. She has three colors and so she is called a Calico. The Red in her 'plush' coat is Very Bright. She looks like she is ready to party. Fiesta is Hot and Spicy like the street party she is named after. She is bright and she is sweet and anyone that lives with her will really be showered with her attention. This is a good kitty!


This is Valencia. She is Red & White and she has 'Perk' ears. Valencia is still small but we can already tell that she is very sweet! Her Red is really Red and she has nice big eyes too! Valencia has a 'plush' short coat and she is just 'adorable'!

'Harvest Moon'

I have rights and I'll tell anyone what's on my mind! I have opinions about everything like 'why are you taking my picture' and 'do I get money for this'??? I'm super cute with semi-long Silver Hair, greenish-copperish colored eyes and folded ears. I like people and I like to eat! I'm clean and I use the litter box. I live life with gusto! They call me 'Harvest Moon' because I light up the room! Act fast and I'm yours!

I'm really Red so in honor of the season I'm 'Poinsettia'. I have very Red color and also a little white. My colors are actually striking! I have a plush coat and you won't find many girls with deep Red color like me.. My eyes are big and round and how can anyone resist me? Oh, I'm a girl in case you couldn't tell. I eat my dinner really good and I use the litter every time! All in all - I'm a really cute little girl who will make your life better - I promise!

I am called 'Hot Fudge Sunday' because of my color ...and...I'm really HOT! I have great big round eyes, a big round head, a plush coat and...I have very folded ears! You should also know that I like people and I am sweet! I am just Terrific if I do say so myself!


They call me 'Sangria'. I am ALL Red - A Beautiful Dark Red and I have silky soft long hair too! My ears are folded and my eyes are round. I'm very cuddley and mostly irresistable! I'm small but I have things to do and places to go and I'm brave! I'll be ready in several weeks but you can inquire about me now. I'd like that!

I'm called 'Brave Heart'. I am strong and beautiful. I am mostly Blue (gray) with White feet and my face is all White ringed with Blue and even a little White on my tummy. My hair is long and my spirit is large even though I am still very small - I'm 'cool'! I like being held just fine. I am not scared - I already stepped out of my birthing box and landed two feet down on the floor and I didn't even cry. I will protect you and love you with all of my little heart!

'Cheese Cake' is my name. I am so yummy and pretty even I can't stand it! Mommy and Daddy (David & Caprice) are kind of protective of me. I'm 'top of the line' and I want the same kind of home. I play a lot and get along with others and I don't do bad things. I have a very round head, big round eyes and nicely folded ears not to mention I'm beautiful! I like to be held and I'll let you kiss me. Like the finest New York cheesecake, I'm Delicious too!

Like my name - I'm 'HAPPY'! I love to play and to meet new people and the world is just very exciting to me! I have very round Scottish Fold eyes and folded ears too! I have long hair and it is a Silvery Mackerel Tabby and White in color. I'm actually quite striking - very beautiful if you do ask me! The very best thing about me though is that I'm just so happy. I love to explore and I'll play with anything that moves. I'm just ready to go now so hurry and tell my people that you would like to arrange a meeting. I have given Caprice & David power to speak for me.

I'm 'Honey Bear'. You can easily see that I look just like Honey with some Sugar mixed in. I am every bit as sweet as any old sugar. I am both good looking and I love to be touched! You can pet me as long as you wish and I'll sit there and enjoy it until you have tired of petting me. I let you know without actually saying how much I love to be petted and just plain touched! I am cameo and white colored with long hair that feels scrumptious to touch. I promise to adore you forever if you take me so don't hesitate - email David & Caprice and let them know how much you like me. You won't be disappointed! Oh yes, I'm a boy!

Call me 'Blue Belle'. I am a calico in color and I have long hair. I am just 'Too' Cute! My ears are folded and I have great big 'Owl' Eyes! I am a Girl and my favorite thing to do is EAT! I love to be touched too. I may have other things to do but when touched - I just melt. I now live in Arizona with some really special people, James and Michelle, who love me and take wonderful care of me!

'Aztec Warrier'

I'm called 'Aztec Warrier' and dispite my name, I'm really a Mush! I am fully grown and neutered and I don't spray - ever. They call me Aztec Warrier because I can blend into the jungle so well that you can't see me then I can jump out and catch my prey (imaginary prey) and be gone in a flash! I have nice muscles that look as though I was carved and yet I love to have my tummy rubbed! I am a Silver Classic Tabby and White in color. The Classic Tabby means that I look like I have targets on my sides. My brother's picture is on the main Scottish Fold page Click Here to See and he is called Tigger 2. He is one of the best Scottish Folds that Montessori Cats has ever produced! I am the same cat with 'perk' straight ears! I will make sure that you always feel how special I think you are.

Custard Pie

I'm called 'Custard Pie'. Look at my beautiful fluffy puffy hair! I have huge round eyes and when I blink them they will make you 'melt'! I'm very small and not yet ready to go but I'm worth waiting for. I am a long hair cameo & white boy with the softest hair you can find anywhere! David & Caprice are calling me 'Custard Pie'. They tell me that I'm just as pretty as a picture with the softest hair around! I have 'perk' ears.

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