This is 'Victoria'. She is breath takingly 'cute'! Victoria is Longhaired with Blue Classic Tabby Hair. She has Folded Ears and Great Big Saucer Eyes! Victoria is a bit spoiled and, at this time, thinks people are handy pets to keep around to clean the litter and feed her. She is just sooooo cute and she just became old enough to go to her 'forever home'!


I'm Samantha and I have straight or 'regular' Ears! I am still a Scottish Fold in all ways other than folded ears. I have semi long hair and I'm Calico colored too. Mostly, I like to jump and play and sleep. I have several adult cat friends so don't worry about getting along. I listen when they tell me to stop pestering them. I am a dear little Scottish Fold kitten and I will love you forever!!


Alfred Is totally a kitten who loves to hang out with you and help with whatever you are doing at any time. He is always ready to go! He also wants to sleep with you and eat with you and anything else where you will allow him to participate. Alfred is a Red Classic Tabby with a plush coat of hair. He has folded ears and he is very healthy. Alfred is the cat you want when you picture what you would like your cat to be. I will truly miss this little guy when he is adopted.


Hi, I'm Serena. I'm a little shy but I love to be stroked and caressed - I'm all girl. I too am a calico like Samantha above only I have a short Plush Coat and I have folded ears as well. She, Samantha is my best friend. When we first met I didn't think I would like her and I hissed a lot. After a day or so, I decided she wasn't so bad and now we are best buddies. I like soft, a lot! My favorite place to date is Mom Crystal's velvet blanket on the bed. It is just so soft! I like to snuggle up in the blanket and just luxuriate.



I am called 'Rolex'- you can see why and I'll be ready to go home with someone the weekend before Christmas. I am considered a Cream & White Bi-Color Longhair Folded Ear Scottish Fold Male. Mostly I'm thought of as sweet by Crystal and Dave. I come with a two week Health Guarantee and a one year guarantee for congenital problems. I will have a Certificate of Health from my veterinarian and I will be up to date on vaccinations. That's all secondary as I am terrific and practically irresistible!


'Holly', that's me! I'm out going and curious and very very cute as well! I'm considered a Tortoiseshell Longhair Folded Ear Female Scottish Fold. I have the same guarantees as above - in fact all of us have the same guarantee and veterinary work etc. I too will be ready for Christmas as I'm just too small now. Pick me and we will be happy sailing into the wild blue yonder together!


I may look a little different but I am still a Scottish Fold! I just have regular 'straight' ears. I also have a Longhair Calico Coat Great Big Eyes and I'm a Girl! I have the prettiest markings - don't you think? I must tell you that I, as well as the others, here are bred to have wonderful personalities and we are proof. I will be available for Christmas.


I am called 'Phoenix' because mom 'Crystal' saved me from dying. I was born with my cord wrapped around my neck and it was surely strangling me to death. Crystal saw what was happening and she was in charge while Dave was out of town. She quickly grabbed a pair of scissors and after some struggle was able to get it under the cord that was chocking me and she cut it. Hallelujah, I was free and alive! Oh yes, I am totally beautiful and sweet too! I am a Longhair Red Classic Tabby Folded Ear Show Quality Male. I will be available for Christmas.


I'm Elf! I'm Red & White Bi-Color Longhair with Folded Ears and I'm a Boy! Like the others in my litter, I am a fun, sweet, curious and Happy kitten who is completely enjoying being alive. Everything is so NEW and FUN!!! I must act like an Elf. How could you go wrong with me? I too will be available for Christmas.


Maui is just so Exotic - like Me! I'm Blue Tabby & White with Long Hair, Folded Ears and I'm a little boy. I like to cuddle and I'm very sweet! Imagine you and me becoming 'best friends'. Wouldn't that be wonderful! Aloha!


You could have called me 'Happy' and I am but 'Nathan' is just so much more dignified. I'm colored with a 'Van Pattern' meaning I'm two colors (Black Smoke Classic Tabby and White) with no more than three small patches or spots of color on my torso while the rest is white. I can have color on my head and tail and those do not make or break a van pattern. I have a wonderful Plush coat that feels very soft and luxurious and my Ears are Folded too. Oh yes, I'm a boy. I'm very sweet and I can be yours so just say the word.


Do you like my name? 'Silverado'! I am a very sharp looking Blue Classic Tabby Long Hair Folded Ear Scottish Fold Boy. I am sweet and Brave and also a very little boy ...but I will grow and be really strong. We will face the world having each other and knowing we are strong together!

'Charlie the Iguana'

I'm not divulging my birthday and I'm not really too sweet. I'm five feet long and very handsome don't you think? I am usually eating a Mango or perhaps some flowers but Dave asked me to pose for this shot.

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