I just love 'Miss Kitty' from 'Gunsmoke' and I am much like her. I am Independent, Loving and Beautiful! I can be tough if I have to but I'm a girl through and through. I am a Calico with Long Hair, Very Big Eyes and Folded Ears. Anyone who gets me is very fortunate indeed! Dillon, as in 'Matt Dillon' is my brother.


They call me 'Dillon' after 'Matt Dillon' from 'GUNSMOKE'. and I am the Slowest Draw in the West but who cares cause I'm so Wonderful! I'm all Boy and lots of Fun! I'm Cream colored with a nice 'Plush' coat and Folded Ears. That's my sister 'Miss Kitty' above and we are both 'Teriffic' kittens. I am available.


I'm 'Sky' as in Sky Blue and I'm going to be Very Handsome for sure! I'm Blue and White like my sister Azure. I have a Plush coat much like a Rabbit, my Ears Are Folded and I'm a Boy! I'm just a little guy but I'm sweet and I will love you with All of my might.


I'm Snapshot and I am a happy adjusted little guy. I am colored Red and White with a Plush Coat (like a rabbit), Folded Ears, Very Big Eyes and I Am Sweet! I'm a Keeper!


Cute and Cuddly - that's Me! I am a Calico with a Plush Coat, very Folded Ears and when you see me you will just want to hold and cuddle me and never put me down. That's not what you should do but you will want to! I love to play and I'm all girl! Check me out and you may find me irresistable!


I'm a little Plush Coat Cream Classic Tabby Girl with Folded Ears and I'm Adorable! I'm looking for a home with lots of comfort and good food! I will repay you with much love throughout my life and I'll always be thankful if not respectful (I am a cat you know).


Once there was a cat named 'Julian' who was the most important cat in the life of 'Crystal Townsend' and he lived many many years as her very best friend. He has passed away but he will never be forgotten and I have have become his namesake. I am Black with a Plush Coat just like Crystal's 'Julian' of the past. I also have nicely folded ears. Most important is my winning happy personality! Take a look at me and see what a joyful happy little black kitten looks like.


'Ellie' is a small but tough agent for NCIS. This very small girl seems like an 'Ellie' to us. Ellie has a Soft Plush (like a rabbit) coat and she has Patches of Calico Color. Ellie's' Ears are Folded, she has nice Big Eyes and the whole effect is a beautiful little girl kitten. Ellie is going to be a small cat but her Spirit will be Great!


Shelly is a special person to us and I'm a little special too so she is my namesake - 'SHELLY' I am Blue-Cream Tortoiseshell colored which is also called Dilute Tortoiseshell. This means that my colors are Blue (Grey - dilute of Black) and Cream (dilute of Red). I also have a Plush Coat, Folded Ears and nice Big Eyes. I'm lots of Fun! Oh yes, I'm a Girl, a wonderful and Sweet little girl.






We are Blues and Jazz and we are Brothers. We both have Straight Ears and both of us are really Handsome. We are really curious and sweet and have lots of love for those who are in our lives. We look extremely similar with medium length hair - kind of in-between Plush and Long hair. We are both colored as Bluish colored Dark Classic Tabbys and like most Scottish Fold Cats - we also have nice big eyes! We are best friends and would be a nice combination to invite into your home although we can be separated and would be fine anyway. Check us out as we are worth it!


We have a Nephew, 'Joseph', who is a happy inclusive nice type of guy and this little one reminds us of him therefore he is also called 'Joseph'. Joseph (this one) Has Long Cream Colored Tabby Hair, Folded Ears and is open to new relationships. He is Sweet and Playful and will win your heart completely!

'Charlie the Iguana'

I'm not divulging my birthday and I'm not really too sweet. I'm five feet long and very handsome don't you think? I am usually eating a Mango or perhaps some flowers but Dave asked me to pose for this shot.

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