I'm Honeybelle and I am a cat! I know my eyes are irresistible and you humans just can't keep your paws off of me because I'm so 'adorable'. I know that for sure but I do find you useful. I am able to lay very still while you run your fingers along my back and head and pretend that I don't care what you are doing. I am pretty good at that game but sometimes I just burst out purring before I can gather myself and stop that silly nonsense. I have a silky plush coat and I'm the color of a Red Fox so I'm pretty stunning when you consider my fabulous eyes! I will let you in and tell you all of my secrets but you must give me a little time.


I'm 'Marbles' and my color is the 'BEST' camouflage so I can stalk prey through the house and sometimes I can catch a lizard too! The color is called 'Tortoiseshell' and you have probably seen a purse or some shoes colored like me. I am really fun and playful and I like 'humans' a lot! I always use the litter and I love to cuddle too! I am a small girl and I'll weigh about five pounds when I'm all grown. I'll make you happy!


I'm a very small Panther and I'll never be bigger than 10 pounds but I have a very large presence like a 'large wild leopard. I have 'The Best' Personality you have ever met, cat or person for sure! I love to sit in a lap or cuddle anywhere and I also love to play. How could you go wrong with me in your lap?


'Charlie the Iguana'

I'm not divulging my birthday and I'm not really too sweet. I'm five feet long and very handsome don't you think? I am usually eating a Mango or perhaps some flowers but Dave asked me to pose for this shot.

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