We NO LONGER breed Balinese Cats.

Please visit Montessori Scottish Fold Cats. We have absolutely wonderful Scottish Fold Kittens!

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Chocolate Lynx Point and Seal Lynx Point Balinese Kittens Just Hanging Out

Balinese cats look like Siamese cats with longer hair. They come in the same colors as do the Siamese. Balinese are actually a mutation of the Siamese cat and the difference in the two breeds is the length of the hair. Balinese cats have hair that is one to two inches long on the body and the coat lays down so that it doesn't look very long. The hair on the tail looks like a plume and the overall look is a gracefull looking cat.

Balinese are smarter than most cats and they love to play. They like to make up all sorts of games and will use anything small as a toy. More than anything else, Balinese are devoted and loving to their humans. These cats will do anything to be included in your activities. They bring new meaning to the term grovel. If you are baking a cake, your Balinese will want to measure the ingredients and stir the mix with you. You will have a constant companion. Every time you sit down to read, watch television or operate your computer he will be right there to share the experience. You must include him in your plans or you will have an unhappy camper. Balinese cats simply HAVE to have a friend to play with. This little guy, Elvis, has decided that Juliette, the very large bird, is just fine with him. They are really very good friends and they both live with some really nice people named Pastrami!

Please look at the other Balinese cats and kittens on our site and you may fall in love. We breed our cats, raise our kittens, show both including Javanese all here at our home in Florida. Our cats and kittens are raised underfoot and in our bed too!

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