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Beautiful, Sweet and Well Adjusted Scottish Fold Kittens for You


Tequila is a HOT Calico Scottish Fold girl. Tequila has a short plush coat of hair and nicely folded ears. She has lots of White on her face and nose and she has a gotee! She also has a large splotch of Red color on the rear of her head and down her back. Tequila is a very pretty girl but you can decide that yourself. I can tell you that she is as sweet as she is beautiful. She will be ready to go home with you the 1st of June or after.

TEQUILA and CORAL side by side.


'Coral' is delightful! She is happy and full of life! Coral has interesting shades of Calico colors (Red,Black and White) with al little Tabby Striping added into her Short Plush Coat and she might just be able to hide in a patch of Coral. She has Folded Ears and I could go on and on about how great she is but I won't. Coral and Tequila will be available the first of June.


'Aztec' is the third Sister in this trilogy. She, unlike her sisters, has Normal Regular cat type Ears that look like the cats you have known your entire life. She did not get the 'folding gene' as did her sisters. Aztec is a beautiful Brown Tabby Cat with a White underbelly. She has very Large Round Eyes and like her sisters - Aztec is a Sweetie.



Sebastian and Picard are Red Tabby Scottish Fold Brothers. Both have Plush Coats and Folded Ears. These little guys are just three weeks old so they have a little while to age prior to leaving for new homes. They will be old and big enough to leave here around the middle of June. They are just 'too cute' and like all Scottish Folds - they are Sweet!

'Charlie the Iguana'

I'm not divulging my birthday and I'm not really too sweet. I'm five feet long and very handsome don't you think? I am usually eating a Mango or perhaps some flowers but Dave asked me to pose for this shot.

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