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Montessori Cats is a small Scottish Fold Cattery located in

Ft Lauderdale,Florida

and can be reached at


Our Available Kittens


'Safron' has a Plush Coat is also a Dilute Calico and she has Folded Ears. Dilute means 'Blue and Cream with White'. A regular calico is Black & Red as well as White. Saffron is Adorable! Follow your heart.


'Eclipse' is completely exotic with Long Black hair, Straight Ears and a looks like a Panther! She could be a Queen.


'Annabelle' is striking with her clearly separate calico patches of color. She has a short Plush coat, nice big Eyes and Folded Ears. Her color is considered 'hot calico'. She's sweet too.


I'm 'Marmalade' and guess what. Girls just want to have fun! Orange puffs of sunshine are coming your way! Think endless summer nights full of fun. Ping Pong balls and cuddles ring a burst of joy into your life and take me home and you will carry endless smiles into your heart. I have a Classic Tabby Plush Coat, Folded Ears and a girl. I'm really cute!


My name is 'Lancelot' and I'm a true 'Knight of The Round Table', handsome as 'Prince Charming' himself and I ooze charm. Dave says I'm a finicky eater because I like mommas milk and I am a Mamma's Boy. I really do Love mamma's cuddles and if you sweep me off of my feet I'll Love and Protect you too!


If you need a touch of magic in your life, pick a tortoise shell kitten....there is no telling where she will lead you. The magic of 'tortitude' is contagious and I have it! Look no further for your 'next best friend' and let the magic begin to flow. I have Long Hair, Folded Ears and of course, I'm a Girl.


Crystal named this guy 'Honeymoon' as he is a dream cat. He is a Red Classic Tabby Long Haired Boy with Folded Ears and he is terrific! He will sit in your lap or follow you around as your buddy. Sometimes he runs around like mad just because he can! (My favorite cats have mostly been Red.)

More Kittens

'Charlie the Iguana'

I'm not divulging my birthday and I'm not really too sweet. I'm five feet long and very handsome don't you think? I am usually eating a Mango or perhaps some flowers but Dave asked me to pose for this shot.

Text or Call 954-801-8277.

Some favorite Scottish Folds

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