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Sister Dilute Calicos


'Daisy' is a 'Calico' and a special calico too. She is a 'dilute calico' which means 'Blue and Cream with White' whereas a regular calico is Black & Red as well as White. Daisy also has Long Hair and Folded Ears. She is absolutely adorable and very interactive. She sees this whole world as 'Fun'. Daisy is Adorable!


'Safron' is much like her sister Daisy only Safron has a Plush Coat. She is sweet and fun and would love to come live with you. Safron is also a Dilute Calico and she has Folded Ears as well. Follow your heart.


'Dylan' Has a Dark Silver Classic Tabby Plush Coat, Folded Ears and he's fun! This is Mom's second litter and we kept one of her kittens as our own from her last litter so you can figure he's pretty special. Dylan is available so get him while you can.


'Demi' is delightful! She has Plush Soft Black & White Hair and a Winning Personality. Demi cuddles and she has a large imagination as you can see from the photos. She also has Straight Ears like most cats and still has the winning Scottish Fold personality that is so desired. Demi would be a Wonderful addition to your family..


'Barry' is a Mackerel Tabby Plush Coat Folded Ear Scottish Fold Boy and 'Hoot' above is his littermate brother. Mackerel Tabby means his stripes go around his waist like belts. Barry is sweet and always happy to see you as are most Scottish Folds. 'Barry' will be a cat who will say Hi to your friends as they visit you. He's a sweet happy cuddly boy.


'Tinsel' has Straight Ears and she couldn't be any cuter. She is Silver Classic Tabby and White Bi-color and a plush coat. 'Tinsel' is sweet and active. Her Brother is 'Ronnie' who just got a home. Straight Ear Scottish Fold Cats have the Scottish Fold 'I want to be your Buddy' personality that the Folded Ear Cats do and 'Tinsel' is no exception. She is a Happy kitten!.


'Sylvester' looks like a clown with his funny markings and happy personality. He's brave as he was the first one in his litter to venture out of his kitten box. Sylvester is Black & White Bi-color with a Short Plush Coat and Folded Ears. He's sweet too!.


'Midnight' Is totally Jet Black with a Plush Coat, Big Eyes, Folded Ears and he's a Boy. There is a saying 'A woman with a Black Cat can do anything'. We have a Black Cat who rules the house. He's called 'Qwilleran' and he told me it is absolutely true!


'Rocky' is a Scottish Fold who has Straight Ears so he looks like a regular cat. That is where the similarity ends. 'Rocky' is very sweet. He is concerned about us even at his tender young age. He loves to be touched and loved. . He has a plush coat that feels like a rabbit's fur and he is colored Cream and White Van Pattern. That means that he is mostly White with no more than Three Patches of Cream color on his torso. He's a 'cutie'!.


Collage is a Plush Coat Calico Folded Ear Scottish Fold Female who has lots of personality and she is beautiful! She is tough as she has grown up (her whole life is just seven weeks now) with rough brothers who don't care about boys and girls when they play. Collage also likes soft and gentle and she dreams of becoming a 'Princess'..


'Pepper' is a dark Tortoiseshell Scottish Fold Female with Folded Ears and a Plush Coat that feels great to run your fingers through. She has nicely Folded Ears and her color is like a camouflage outfit to make it difficult to find her in the twilight if she wishes. She will mostly want to be with you and be best friends! I personally love the tortoise shell color. Each Tortoiseshell Cat is unique in its coloring..


"Bonnie Has a Luxurious Plush Coat with Folded Ears and Big Eyes. She is of course a 'Scottish Fold' Little Girl who wants to move in with you and together you will live Happily ever after. Bonnie was born 03-27-2021. She will, as all of our kittens do, have a Certificate of Health from our veterinarian and she again as all of our kittens is guaranteed for her Health for the first two weeks you have her and we will pay up to her purchase price to get her better if needed. She is also guaranteed against congenital problems for the first year you have her again up to her purchase price. We want all of our kittens to be healthy and you to be happy.


'CandyCorn' has 'Straight 'Ears' meaning he looks like a regular cat with normal ears. CandyCorn is no 'regular cat' though - he is a 'Scottish Fold' through and through. He is sweet and he will cuddle as most Scottish Fold cats do. He'd love to come and live with you and I assure you - your life will improve!

We have 4 new babies who will be ready to go home with you for Christmas. We will post their photos and information soon.

'Charlie the Iguana'

I'm not divulging my birthday and I'm not really too sweet. I'm five feet long and very handsome don't you think? I am usually eating a Mango or perhaps some flowers but Dave asked me to pose for this shot.

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