Some Terrific and Available Scottish Fold Kittens



Everyone thought I was Black for the first few days I was alive but there began to be a few red (orange) hairs and more until I became Tortoiseshell colored! Like all Torties, I have a bit of an 'attitude' but I'm 'Adorable' and totally 'cute. Crystal, my human mom says I have 'Tortitude'. You have to ask her what that means but I think it's a Good Thing.  



Look how beautiful I am! I'm stuck here in a tower waiting for Lancelot to rescue me and bring me to you so I can live with you forever more! I have long Blue Tabby colored hair and nicely folded ears. My eyes are big like saucers. I promise to love you and be your best 'buddy'.  



I'm 'Arthur' king of all that is in my domain! Don't pay any attention to 'Gwenevere', my sister, as she is just a silly girl and she doesn't want me to be 'boss'. I am Blue (Grey) and White with a wonderful 'plush' coat which is not long but feels great to touch kind of like a rabbit. I have folded ears and I am actually quite handsome. You will be making a fantastic decision when you decide I'm 'the one'.


New Year's Eve this year was 'TERRIFIC' ...I was BORN!. Both sophisticated and a deep thinker. I'm looking for a literary and creative home. I purr with passion and I'm spoiled "rotten". My long Cameo colored hair is long and beautiful. My ears are folded and I am the Whole Package! ; 



I am named after a hero and I'm really cool too! I love mysteries! I'm really sweet and petting is always welcome! My coat is plush and colored Blue (Grey) and White. I have Folded Ears and Great Big Eyes. Best of all - I'm a lap kitten!

'Charlie the Iguana'

I'm not divulging my birthday and I'm not really too sweet. I'm five feet long and very handsome don't you think? I am usually eating a Mango or perhaps some flowers but Dave asked me to pose for this shot.

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