Some Kitties and Their New Owners

Andre and Laura, his friend, holding Maxine, her new Himalayan kitten.

Two Himalayan kittens, a Blue Point boy named Bailey and his sister, a Seal Point who now lives with Andre who is in the picture on the left.

Jennifer and Arianne with Montessori's Oh What A Trip. The Blue Point Himalayan Bailey lives with them and 'Tripper' is the father of the kittens.

This is a picture of 'Tripper' relaxing. He is our Main Himalayan Stud boy around here.

This is Jesse Arpino, a Very Sweet and Happy Seal Point Himalayan living in Springfield Massachusetts. He is cherished and Loved by Sue and her two Nieces Alli and Ashley. Everyone is smiling!!!

Dear Caprice and David:

Thank you for the holiday greetings. Happy Holidays to you. Puddin' is a complete joy. It took three days for our older cat to adjust (just a few hisses during those days), but they are great friends and keep each other company. She is absolutely beautiful. She has a voracious appetite and is growing in leaps and bounds. She is my special baby. Smart as can be, alert, and fearless. She has filled a great void in my life since the loss of my dog over the summer. My husband says that she is the dog reincarnate for they have such similar habits.

best to you. Happy New Year!
Melanie and Robert, Precious and Puddin', and O.D. (he's the outside cat we adopted).