Alimony (Ali) The Jurisprudent Cat!

Eleanor Alter is a wonderful lady and friend who got three Scottish Fold Kittens from us. Eleanor is in love with Scottish Fold Cats and tells everyone she knows that they too should have one. Eleanor was at a convention and was so convincing about her love for her cats that her friend, Ken Lester called us to inquire about getting one for himself. We wanted Ken to have a really special cat so the journey began. We started sending pictures and personality descriptions of Scottish Fold Kittens over the course of seven months until one day Ken said 'this is the one'. We had sent a picture of a beautiful little Blue Plush Coat Scottish Fold boy. Ken is a divorce attorney and so he named the little guy 'Ali' which is short for Alimony and is one of our favorite cat names ever! These are a couple of Ken's emails to us after his new little friend arrived.

Dear David & Caprice;

Ali continues to grow and mature. He has become an associate in the law firm and it won't be long before he becomes a partner. Everything I was told about him is true. Everyone in the office pays at least one visit each day to spend time with Ali.

My main paralegal Karen (been with me 15 years) gets to keep Ali one hour each day in her office.

I will be sending pictures soon. People and clients no longer ask for me. They want to know how Ali is doing.

I want to thank each one of you for the part you played in helping me to get Ali. Sure does make life interesting at the office.

Ken Lester

Dear David & Caprice;

Ali has adjusted to living in my law office and he is now asking to become a partner. It has been interesting the impact that he has made on my clients. When they come into the office many times they are nervous and upset. Ali usually sits on the top of my desk and checks out the clients. They usually talk to him and pet him. Then he just sits or lies down on the desk while we conduct business. He has really been an asset helping clients to relax in my law office.

When I go on vacation or a business trip my staff takes turns taking Ali home with them for visitation.

I just wanted you both to know that we have provided a great home for Ali and we all love him very much. Ali is the best cat I have ever owned and he is now a member of our law office. My clients always ask about Ali when he is not present when they arrive.

Just an update since Ali is now one year old. Ali is now a partner in the law firm of Lester & Jones. He greets clients at the front door and sits in on my meetings with the clients. They all love him and usually when they call or come to the office they ask about Ali.

Ken Lester
Columbia, South Carolina

Ken Lester - Photo taken by Eleanor Alter at a meeting of divorce attorneys (Scottish Fold Lovers All). Marsha was there too!

This is a January 2006 update.
It seems that when Ali sees a client entering Ken's office, he joins them by sitting in another chair that Ken provides and he does his best to help in the negotiations. He helps get rid of the tension. We also learned that Ali got some Cat Videos as presents for the holidays. Ali sits in his chair and actually watches his videos to everyone's delight! Ali is one GREAT CAT! We are so proud of you!