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This is the first time I have been able to say this... Caprice passed away June 03, 2013. Her spirit lives on in Montessori Cats.


Rare Electric Sapphire Blue Eyes, Ermine Coated sooo... soft and plush BALINESE Cats of Distinction. Seemingly Delicate yet Very Hardy Cats that Grovel for Attention. Highly Intelligent Blue Eyes BALINESE Cats Love Play and will ALWAYS be Your Best Friend. Balinese Cats Never grow up and Always act like Kittens whether a pet or a show cat.

Champion Montessori's Treasure -Blue Point Balinese

Fabulous Long Haired Blue Eye Decorator Cats; sweet and dependent HIMALAYAN/PERSIAN Cats & Kittens are Content to watch the world go by. Loving and Gentle Companions including pet and show cat. Purebred Himalayan cats have Big Blue Eyes and Long Hair!

Grand Champion Montessori's Mugwai -Seal Point Himalayan

Exotic Fun Loving Hunters, SCOTTISH FOLD Cats & Kittens are Always on Safari and always entertaining. Loyal to a Fault. GREAT with Dogs and Children. Scottish Fold Cats are Smart, Curious and Sweet - pet and show cat alike. Scottish Fold Cats can have regular cat ears or Folded Ears. They can have Long or Short Hair. All Scottish Fold Kittens & Cats have Big Eyes and They Are Smart!

Champion Gahlee's Bently of Montessori -Silver Classic Tabby & White Bi-Color Scottish Fold

David & Caprice Townsend

We, David & Caprice Townsend, have been involved with raising Cats for twenty six years. We share our beautiful waterfront home of 35 years in Ft Lauderdale, Florida, with wonderful sweet cats who are our best friends and are truely our 'Children With Fur'. We listen to folks and try our best to intuitively understand their desires, family needs, tastes, and lifestyles so as to match the perfect kitten or cat with them. If you've just lost a friend, we will help you fill that 'Hole In The Heart'.

We have been Shipping Cats Successfully for 25 Years


Our View of Vaccination against FIP (feline infectious peritonitis)

Cat In Various Languages


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PIPER The Surfing Cat - For Real!

Ali Makes Partner in Law Firm

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